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Efront is Learning Management Software and allows you to set up an online school. Administrators can manage students and professors and can add administrators. Professors can set courses and lessons and efront features a calendar system and lesson management. It includes a comprehensive administration system where the site can be configured from, and an integrated forum.

There's also a comprehensive set of add ons that can be enabled or disabled by admin, such as rss feeds, FAQ's, Blogs, Chat, You tube integration, Journal, Kiosk, Flashcards, Gradebook, Crossword, Billboard and more, and comes with a security module ready installed.

It also comes with 44 different language packs so is suitable for any country. There are 11 Themes installed and the layout of each can be easily edited.

System settings allow admin to adjust security settings, country/time formats, user settings such as external sign up's and much more.

The efront website is located at:

Alternatively you can download the latest version at the link below. There doesn't seem to be a payment module but a sample module block is included, so if you're handy with php you may want to create one yourself. Otherwise you can set up a separate billing system if you intend to charge for courses.

You can download from us at: Download from Open Source Files

Or from the efront site above.

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