Open source webscripts collected over a period of 10 years providing alternative downloads or possibly the only source of some redundant scripts.
Os Date, Dating website
Start your own dating site
Os Date, Dating website admin
admin on Sunday, February 12, 2017
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OSdate is a dating script which has been around a long time now! It's a fully featured dating website that's easy to install and has a detailed administration section. It easily integrates with forum software so users can easily go from the dating site to an add on forum.

It includes a variety of templates, chat software, and payment modules, so admin can set user levels and payment schemes. Osdate is easy to install but is best suited on your own server or vps, but can be started on cpanel shared hosting as long as you remember to keep back-ups and get ready to move it to a better platform as your userbase grows.

OSdate can be downloaded directly from the tufat website: or from us at the link below, and the download is in excess of 30MB!

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