Open source webscripts collected over a period of 10 years providing alternative downloads or possibly the only source of some redundant scripts.
A collection of open source web scripts
Welcome to my crypt of open source web scripts collected over 10 years.
A collection of open source web scripts admin
admin on Sunday, February 5, 2017
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Over the past 10 years I've come across so many interesting open source scripts, and must have tried and tested them all. Many of the scripts presented here are still in develoment and later versions have been released, but others are now defunct.

Where possible, I have linked to the current versions of the scripts included here, or else I've provided a download link to the last known working version.

I've also taken in to consideration the various requirements of each script, php and mysql version etc, and in difficult caes, have outlined the installation procedure.

I hope you enjoy browsing my collection and perhaps further developing them for your own purposes. If you're into web development, I'm sure there is something interesting here for everyone.

Finally, please feel free to sign up and add your own stories of your discoveries and please link to a download where possible, or pm me as admin so I can include the script here.


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