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AroundMe Identitiy Server
A look at three fadcinating open ID servers from Barnraiser
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Created by Tom Calthorp and Sebastian Oblom, AroundMe is an identity server created in two versions, a personal id server for one person, or a multi user id server. There is also a collaborative suite which works in much the same way.

Each of the identity servers provides a user with a basic profile page, and each time a new site is logged into a bookmark is created in the users profile page. The personal id server provides a three column page with guestbook, contact form, profile details and bookmarks. Privacy is totally under the control of the user. The multi identity version provides the same level of user control over privacy but doesn't require usrs to have their own hosting.

Both scripts are fascinating, but haven't been updated since around 2009, with Sebastian and Tom having gone their separate ways, but the details are still available on their website


Installation is a little tricky but can be installed on shared hosting such as cpanel as well as on a dedicated or VPS server. The idea is to enable wildcard sub-domains which point to the root url, while the root url points to the script folder, two folders deep. When a user signs up, they create their profile selecting from one of three styles of website, simple id, blog, or full facebook like social network style. Users also have a choice of three colour schemes, but further modifications can be made from the users control panel.

I practice, the script seems to work well with some other open id enabled sites, while not so well with others, and a report from the open id foundation a few years back indicated a security issue where the script only verify's the public key and not the provate key, but the script is really worth doing something with. I haven't seen anything that comes close to it as open source.

It sems that Tom Calthorp is now teaching kids to swim on a small Island in the Carribean, while Sebastian has gone on to work with LSU, but they've left the Barnraiser site online for posterity.

Along with AroundMe, they also completed work on another Open ID server, Prairie, but I've never had much luck in installing it for some reason, but it's worth checking out for someone more skilled than me.

If anyone would like to repair any of the id versions it would create an interesting project with loads of possibility.

The aroundme collaboration server is similar to Ning, but I've had problems with it giving infinite re-directs, worth looking at though.

Collaboration server:

Download aroundme_c_20080327.tar.gz from Open Source Files

Aroundme Identity server (multi):

Download from Open Source Files

Aroundme Personal ID server:

Download aroundme_pi_20080116.tar.gz from Open Source Files


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