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MK Portal and AEForum
A portal that runs off the back end of forums
MK Portal and AEForum admin
admin on Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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Mk Portal is a CMS that runs off the back-end of popular forum software such as AEforum, Simple Machines, Invision Power Board 1.3 and 2.x, phpBB and vBulletin. Using the user base and other features of forum software, it creates a light but powerful cms adding several modules such as chat software, profile pages, blogs and galleries.

Users can create their own sites within the portal and can choose from a number of templates. The forum itself can be viewed separately or within the portal, and left and right columns can be closed or opened independently. The overall width of each column can be set by admin, who has  comprehensive control over it's features and administration.

Unfortunately, neither AEforum nor MK portal are still in existence, but I have a ready integrated download of the two, the idea being to do the forum install first then it will take you to the portal installation.

The software comes with 25 portal blocks and the webmaster can create additional php or html blocks, as well as create custom html or php pages.

I have included more than one version of MKPortal at least one being the portal software on it's own, but installing it without a forum back-end may be difficult, but something that php developers might be interested in taking on.

All versions included driver modules for the above mentioned foums and at least one of the downloads includes AEForum already integrated.

This project went largely un-noticed in it's day, which is a shame because it's wicked software, maybe the creator was more skilled at development than seo, which is often the way.

It would be great if someone decided to re-source this and add a responsive template and update the current user websit templates. It might work well as an integration to question and answer sites as well as forum software.

Download from Open Source Files

Download from Open Source Files


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