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VideoCore video hosting script
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Videocore is a video hosting website like You Tube, with a nicer and easier to use interface. It features user accounts and a great administration panel from where the admin can set many functions of the script.

Suitable for online, offline and mobile devices, from web based video to HDTV and 4k/8k. Written in php using a MySQL database, and will take advantage of GD and FFMPEG for image and video operations if they are present.

Videocore can be set to allow uploads or to only accept embeded content from other services, depending on your hosting facilities, and is suitable for live streaming too.

Although it's an excellent piece of software, it's creators struggled to find a market place for it as commercial software, and at one time stopped providing it as open source, rebranding it as a conferencing suite, but it seems this failed to spark interest and it's now offered again as open source/free.

I had one of the earlier versions working, while a later version failed to install, requesting permissions to be changed on certain folders, even though they had been.But that was before it was re-branded.It seems there have been changes in the current version, so I assume this problem has been taken care of. I'm including both downloads here, one that I know works, and the other being the latest one offered on their website which I haven't tested yet.

But for a video hosting site, it's got a really nice layout and can accommodate many different categories.

Download from Open Source Files

Download videocore_3.6.tar.gz from Open Source Files

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