Open source webscripts collected over a period of 10 years providing alternative downloads or possibly the only source of some redundant scripts.

I've enjoyed 10 years exploring the world of open source web scripts and am still amazed that so few people know what brilliant software is available to kick start their own websites.

It seems these day's that 'wordpress' is the first answer on most forums or question and answer sites, simply because most people do not know anything else. Being a brilliant and popular cms, wordpress can of course become what you want it to be, but other software is purpose built and actively supported by it's community.

I created oscrypt to show off my 10 year collection and to present open source software in a different light. In most cases, the software I've made available for download is exactly as downloaded from the original source, but in some cases I've repaired or updated the scripts.

Examples wwould be where changes in MySQL or php versions demand, i.e. simply changing TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=MyISAM to make the tables work with later versions of mysql.

Other examples may be in templating or syntax errors, but other than such improvements the scripts are as intended.

Users should bear in mind that open source software may be vulnerable due to lack of current support, but in cases where the scripts are actively supported, you may find free software to be superior to commercial software.

All of the downloads carry one of the free software licences except in rare cases where master resell rights have been granted, allowing me and yourselves to re-distribute the software, free or paid.

I take no responsibility for the downloads other than guaranteeing these scripts are unaltered from the origianl except in the circumstances outlined above, and users should take the time to ensure the software is secure in production environments. Where in doubt, please post here, or remember...Google is your friend.

For any installation issues, please post here or on our answers forum.

I hope at least one of these scripts proves to be profitable for you, good luck!